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Aguatierra Vineyard… Naturally since 1999

Terroir Unico in the heart of the winegroing area in Limarí river valley, where hot daytime and cold nights exist under the purest and most pristine skies of the world. Composting production for soil revitalization by using biodynamic preparations such as: Biodynamic 500 with cow manure, Biodynamic 505 with oak bark stored in cow skull, nettle supply for Biodynamic 504 for nitrogen fixation with iron content, Milenrrama Flower Biodynamic 502 stored in deer bladder... our biodynamic grapes grow at the pace of nature without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. They are picked manually and stored in french oak barrels during 14 months, resulting in wines of deep ruby elegant bouquet, balanced body and a profound and intense berries flavour.